This blog serves as the archive for my 2012 365 Project. Unless otherwise noted all photos are mine and are not to be used for any purpose without prior written permission.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


143/366: Sunset in the branches
Camera: DSLR
Context: Sunset in my neighborhood
Notes: I shot this from my deck this evening while playing around with my zoom lens. 


142/366: Performing Arts Center
Camera: iPhone
Context: A night out in downtown Anchorage
Notes: I liked the variety of lights in this shot, but wish I'd done a better job of capturing it. It was one of those times I wished I was carrying the DSLR and had more time to linger and take many multiples. 


141/366: Empty Office
Camera: iPhone
Context: My campus office
Notes: I had to pack up my office again in preparation for getting my new furniture. Everything went out except for the posters on my windows. 


140/366: Ready to run
Camera: iPhone
Context: Start of the Anchorage Running Club Zombie Half Marathon
Notes: The framing of this shot is pretty much a lesson in what not to do to get a good photograph with the banner cutting through and the runner bending over in the corner. But remembering photography tips seems to go out the window for me when I'm racing. 


139/366: A new favorite brew
Camera: iPhone
Context: In the kitchen
Notes: I tried this beer at a beer festival a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. It's definitely becoming a fall favorite.


138/366: Powerlines
Camera: iPhone
Context: On a walk
Notes: I know I should be getting used to mountain views, but they still astonish me. I love the mix of wilderness and modern convenience in this shot. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


137/366: Radiant Light
Camera: iPhone
Context: From the passenger seat
Notes: I was really just trying to get a bokeh effect from the headlights and the street lights in the distance, but the combination of the rain, lights, and flash created an unexpected and beautiful flash of gold. 


136/366: The Sun Tries to Come Out
Camera: iPhone
Context: View from my office
Notes: My iPhone couldn't quite capture the quality of light as the sun attempted to break through the clouds the other morning. It still turned out to be a pretty decent shot, though.


135/366: Fambly
Camera: iPhone
Context: An evening at home
Notes: Bailey knows how to ham it up for the camera. 


134/366: Bread
Camera: DSLR
Context: In the kitchen
Notes: I didn't have much photographic inspiration on a drizzly and grey day spent watching football and writing an exam other than dinner. 


132/366: Cloud Cover
Camera: DSLR
Context: Afternoon sky in my hood
Notes: I love the layers of mountain, clouds, and blue sky in the background. 


133/366: Dinner Out
Camera: iPhone
Context: Dinner out at Subzero with friends
Notes: I realized I hadn't taken any photos yet that day, and the mac & cheese truly did deserve to be documented. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


131/366: Reflective
Camera: iPhone
Context: Out for a walk
Notes: I thought there was kind of a stark beauty to this scene, and I loved the reflection of the trees in the pond. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


130/366: Pebble Mine Protest Signs
Camera: iPhone
Context: Pebble Mine Protest Signs on Campus
Notes: Pebble is probably the biggest political issue for people in AK right now and for good reason.


129/366: Healthy Eats
Camera: DSLR
Context: Dinner
Notes: It was already dark so I had to rely on lights and it was tricky to get a shot without casting a giant shadow over my giant salad. I was happiest with this one.