This blog serves as the archive for my 2012 365 Project. Unless otherwise noted all photos are mine and are not to be used for any purpose without prior written permission.

Monday, December 31, 2012


172/366: Bridge in the rearview
Camera: DSLR
Context: Driving on a Saturday afternoon
Notes: Driving across this bridge to do some shopping I noticed how cool it looked in the side mirror of our rental car and made a mental note to capture it on the drive back to my mom's. 


171/366: Mark at the game
Camera: Phone
Context: At the Independence Bowl
Notes: We decided to go to a bowl game since it was convenient and tickets weren't all that expensive. It was a fun time. 


170/366: Christmas Lights
Camera: DSLR
Context: A local church
Notes: I felt a lack of Christmas lights in my photos. This was a rather uninspiring remedy. 


169/366: Hop on Pop
Camera: DSLR
Context: Isla enjoys her gifts
Notes: The day after Christmas I didn't take all that many photos and the few that I did were not surprisingly of my niece. 


168/366: Unwrapping Presents
Camera: DSLR
Context: Isla's first Christmas
Notes: I took a bunch of shots of my niece unwrapping presents, but this one is my favorite. She looks so focused. 


167/366: 3 Generations
Camera: DSLR
Context: Christmas Eve at my mama's house
Notes: It was so fun to spend time with my niece over the holiday. She has grown so much since I saw her in March, when she was only 2 months old. 


166/366: Light Squiggles
Camera: DSLR
Context: From the airplane window
Notes: We flew into Denver early in the morning, and I was trying to capture the lights of the city. Instead, even on night setting, the motion created a blurred effect. 


165/366: Another Alaska Sky
Camera: DSLR
Context: Sunset
Notes: I was lacking inspiration but this sunset seemed like a worthy subject for a shot. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


164/366: Aces game
Camera: Phone
Context: Sullivan Arena
Notes: I hadn't been to a hockey game in several years. It was a lot of fun to go with my spouse. 


163/366: Christmas Hijinks 
Camera: DSLR
Context: My Christmas gift
Notes: I couldn't resist making Philip II a little bit silly. But mostly I was lacking inspiration. 


162/366: Christmas Loot
Camera: Phone
Context: Exchanging gifts at home
Notes: My spouse made an awesome scavenger hunt for me to find my new piece of art for my office. I think the final clue was also a test to see if I knew where we store the Dyson. 


161/366: The indignities of being a doggy
Camera: DSLR
Context: Fooling around with Bailey
Notes: Bailey was being silly and a mini-photo shoot ensued. This one was probably my favorite of the bunch. 


160/366: No, you shut up!
Camera: DSLR
Context: Birds don't like Monday mornings either
Notes: I took this shot with my zoom lens. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


159/366: Christmas Baking
Camera: DSLR
Context: Making cookies for a Christmas party
Notes: I have some really great ones of Mark acting like a cookie dough monster, but for some reason he objected to the public seeing them.... 


158/366: Another Sunset
Camera: DSLR
Context: Our neighborhood
Notes: It had been a pretty overcast day, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sunset. It was a little more orange and pink than this picture would have you believe. 


157/366: Homemade Pizza
Camera: DSLR
Context: Our dinner
Notes: I dream of a day when my kitchen gets natural light after 4pm again.... 


156/366: Snow Covered Trees
Camera: DSLR
Context: Our backyard
Notes: On Wednesday we got quite a bit of fresh snow. It made the roads messy but was beautiful to look at from inside with a cup of tea. 


155/366: Office Space
Camera: Phone
Context: My office on campus
Notes: My desk is rarely this uncluttered. I felt like it should be documented. 


154/366: Cupcake
Camera: DSLR
Context: On the table
Notes: This was a slow day -- I was sick and gave a final exam, so a cupcake served as my inspiration. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


153/366: Fresh Snowfall
Camera: DSLR
Context: Our backyard
Notes: We got a couple of inches of snow yesterday. It's amazing how much brighter things look outside with some snow on the ground. 


152/366: Ells in the House
Camera: DSLR
Context: Our friends' dog hamming it up
Notes: Ellsworth is our friends' incredibly enthusiastic dog. Bailey is never sure if she wants to hang out with him or not. Last night, she gave him the cold shoulder, so he amused himself with one of her green balls. I tried to capture him juggling it, but as soon as he saw me move for he camera he would get distracted and stop.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012


151/366: Macro and Ice
Camera: DSLR
Context: An ice encrusted branch caught my eye while I was out for a walk
Notes: I took this photo using the macro setting on my camera. While I'm getting pretty tired of the extreme cold, I have to admit that there is stark beauty in the wintry wonderland settings of where I live.  


150/366: Mountains Before Dawn
Camera: Phone
Context: On the way to work.
Notes: I snapped this photo on my phone at around 8:30 in the morning. The sun isn't rising here right now until around 10:00am. I thought the clouds in the sky and the mountains looked so beautiful -- all appearing as shades of deep blue. 


149/366: Bailey finds a Treat
Camera: DSLR
Context: At home in the evening
Notes: Bailey, for a scent hound, is surprisingly bad at finding treats. This time we hid one on her stuffed dragon. She found it eventually. 


148/366: Sunset on Campus
Camera: Phone
Context: Sunset on Campus
Notes: I looked up from my desk to see the sky alight with fire, so I threw on my coat and dashed outside to get a photo. I really wish that this photo did this sunset justice, but the colors came out very faded in comparison with reality.